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To cheer up chilly January, we ran a seasonal winter workshop.

The children explored colour, line, form, shape, texture and pattern.

We have 5 tables in the studio, each with a different themed activity. The children can move from one table as and when they choose and create their own interpretations of an idea.

There was a range of activities ranging from clay work, painting, paper craft and textiles.

The first table involved exploring cold, winter colours. Watercolour paint was used to create a background. Assorted circular objects were drawn around and cut out to create an arial view of a snowman or snowwoman. Blue soft pastels enhanced colour appreciation and felt pens used to explore pattern and line. It was a delight to see such characterful personalities appear on the paper!

Using white clay is always exciting and a wonderful medium to explore form and shape. Winter spirits were moulded and thumbs used to indent faces. Sticks and clay tools added further detail.

We thought we would add a bit of fun using brightly coloured paper to explore snowflakes and pattern.

Finally, texture was explored through fabric wreath making and textile landscapes. Tying tricky knots around a wire armature enhanced fine motor skills and strengthened little fingers.

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