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Signs of Spring

At last, Spring is slowly appearing after a wet and dark winter. We spent a cheery session exploring colour, mark making, line, texture and form.

Grey paint was mixed to create a wintery background and then, using a range of soft pastels, the children created these atmospheric spring flower drawings.

We taught the children how to make coil pots. This technique needs lots of practice to ensure the coils are of a consistent width. Adding the decorative details is always a fun way to end the process.

Having made the clay pots the children needed to put something in them! The obvious choice was early spring flowers. Providing a range of loose parts for the children to 'fiddle' with, enhanced their problem solving skills and strengthened their fine motor control.

There is always something magical about the printing process as you're never quite sure what's going to happen. Monoprints were made by covering a piece of card with tin foil. Printing ink was rolled over the foil and motifs drawn into it using cotton buds.

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