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It's arrived!

Hurray, Spring is officially here, albeit with a great deal of rain!

With the rain in mind, we made wall hangings inspired by the shape and colours of raindrops. Blotting paper was cut out into the appropriate shape and coloured with drawing inks. Salt was added to add texture and marks. Once dry, the raindrops were threaded with embroidery silks and beads and knotted to a twig.

The children really enjoyed coming up their own ideas about what to make with the clay. We had raindrop reliefs, raindrop dishes and cheerful rabbits! Marks and texture were added by indenting into the clay to create interest and detail. Rolling coils and fastening them by scoring into a base were practiced. Loose parts added charm and character, while one child raised the surface of his rabbit by rolling out slabs of clay and smoothing them together. Impressive problem solving - well done!

To add some freshness and colour, spring collages were created. Different sized cardboard was provided and the children had the very sticky task of layering coloured tissue paper to it's surface. Finally poms poms were added to suggest clouds and blue sky.

Wax resist and watercolours were used to produce watery impressions. It's always important to push extra hard with the wax crayons otherwise the white marks don't show through. Slide through the images to see the children's interpretations.

We will be running an afternoon workshop on Saturday 27th April. Please go to the bookings page to sign up. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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