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Snow & Ice

It's cold!

Frosty mornings, mist and the odd blue sky.

The children have been exploring a range of activities to create both 2D and 3D snowflakes; creating negative space, sponge painting, printing and using found natural objects.

Masking tape was applied to paper and cold colours sponged on top. The tape was removed and once dry the negative space was decorated with felt pens.

Using pre cut snowflake templates, the children applied paint by using a sponge and toothbrush. Snowflake sequins and eco glitter were added for a bit of sparkle. Some children wanted their work to be cut into quarters.

Using a range of loose parts, the children enjoyed printing shapes and lines to create simple snowflake motifs.

Natural objects were tied together and painted to create 3D snowflakes. Slide along the pictures below.

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