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Saturday Art Club

We have been running a Saturday Art Club over the summer term. Children who enjoyed earlier classes returned to extend their interests and abilities.

Open ended activities remained and we included more formal, structured lessons such as colour mixing, portraiture and printing. The children's knowledge and understanding was further enhanced by learning about different papers.

The children were given individual sketch books to notate and add art work to. Click on the arrow below to find out what they learned about cartridge paper, sugar paper, kite paper, cyanotype paper, Ingres paper, tissue paper and brown paper.

Having learned about the different papers the children then used them to create their own artwork.

Cartridge paper was used to draw self portraits on. Placement of facial features was investigated as was tone and shading.

As a contrast, tissue paper was used to make more informal collaged faces.

Kite paper was folded to make colourful window displays.

Leaves were placed on cyanotype paper, covered in glass and then exposed to sunlight. The leaves were removed and the paper then placed in water. Finally, the paper was hung up to dry and what a fabulous result ensued!

Primary and secondary colours were explored through colour mixing activities.

To top it all off, the exciting process of screen printing was introduced. Stencils were cut out and placed in a screen. Ink was scrapped over the mesh with a squeegee. Several prints were created, with the best being displayed in a decorative frame.

We will be running our Saturday Art Club again from September. If your child would like to join us then please keep an eye on the booking page as details will be added towards the end of August.

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