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Formula One Birthday Party!

We run themed birthday parties and we recently ran one based on Formula One racing cars.

The birthday boy, who has a passion for speed, asked if he and his friends could use canvas to create a painting and clay to make 3D cars.

The children used assorted mark makers and acrylic paint to create a monochromatic background. Applicators included toy wheels, pieces of circular bamboo, and cardboard. Assorted paper was cut up to create the cars, while dowel and gingham were used to for the flags. This was a really fun and relaxed activity, which resulted in some energetic and expressive pieces of work.

We demonstrated how to mold a ball of clay into a Formula One car. Once the children got the hang of it, they came up with their own interpretations and added loose parts to add details. We even had a tractor!

Adhering to our philosophy of allowing children to follow their own creative ideas, we had one little boy who loved tractors. Look at the detail in this drawing, amazing!

We thoroughly enjoyed running this birthday party. It was fun, creative and relaxed!

Well done everyone!

Please get in contact if you would like to find out more about birthday parties.

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