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Painting Autumn Woodlands

We have been investigating the paintings of the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.

Klimt produced a number of paintings inspired by autumnal woods.

This painting activity involved a number of skills that took several sessions to complete. It began by stretching watercolour paper onto boards. Different width masking tape was used to mark out trees. This added depth and perspective. To create the background, assorted painting techniques that didn't involve a paint brush, were explored. Applicators included sponges, cotton buds, toothbrushes and fingers! The walls ended up being redecorated with spots and splashes of colour along the way!

Once the background was completed, the masking tape was removed. Using a palette knife, the children added texture to the tree trunks. The importance of mark making and tone came into play at this point.

Finally, the children had the choice how to have their paintings mounted. We were all delighted by the end results! Well done everyone!

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