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Autumn time!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

We ran an autumn workshop just before the storms arrived so we fortunately managed to see leaves still on the trees.

Using a range of watercolour washes and wax crayons the children created theses atmospheric pictures. Being autumn, colour  was a major influence. Slide along the images to see the range of interpretations.

These striking lanterns were made from waxed paper normally used to wrap up cheese! Autumn leaves were sandwiched between 2 layers of paper and then ironed. The heat from the iron melted the wax, which ended up like glue. Cheese boxes were used as a base and decorated with natural autumnal objects. A tea light was put in a glass jar and then inserted into the lantern. Once lite, the stunning colours from the leaves glowed warmly.

Multicoloured sweetcorn inspired the children to look closely at the shape and colours of the kernels. Black outlines were drawn and soft pastels smudged with cotton buds to blend the colours.

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