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A little bit of sparkle!

To celebrate the run up to the festive season we ran a session inspired by stars.

Sticks were gathered from the countryside and bound together. The children enjoyed decorating them with a range of materials that included paint, eco glitter, felt pom poms, and natural materials.

A starry night sky was created using different shaped cartridge paper: this was then coloured with chalk pastels. The pastels created lots of dust, so, to avoid excessive smudging and sneezing, the children sprayed their work with fixative – outside! Stencils, metallic paint and eco glitter were used to add the stars and a little bit of sparkle.

The children drew around star templates and star shaped cutters. They then cut them out and decorated the stars with coloured felt pens. The fiddly skill of knotting was practiced by fastening the stars with coloured thread to sticks.

Decorative star candle holders were produced by rolling out slabs of white clay. Different sized star cutters were used to cut out stars that were ‘glued’ together by scoring the surfaces and adding water. A candle was then inserted into the candle holder and decorated with fake berries. Cheery little snowmen appeared with fire cone and beech nut hats. A few bright berries added charm and character.

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