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Winter Wonderland!

Winter has arrived and we have been celebrating it's own magical beauty; it's colours, textures and pattern

Frosty leaves were explored and were created using a range of collage materials. Bio glitter was used to capture the crunchy sparkle of frozen water, metallic pens added life and zest. To encourage personal creativity the children had the choice how to present their leaves either as bunting or a mobile.

To create a wintery background for snowflake prints, the children thoroughly enjoyed squirting chilly coloured inks onto paper. Rock salt was added to absorb the ink and to add texture and interest. Snowflake stencils were used to explore pattern. The children discovered that every snowflake has six arms, that no two snowflakes are the same and that the largest snowflake discovered was the size of a dinner plate!

As a contrast to using terracotta clay, the children were introduced to white porcelain clay. The latter helped capture the essence of white, pristine snow. Cheery, characterful snowmen and delicate snowflakes were celebrated.

Coniferous trees were created from pages of an old book that were painted and cut up into appropriate shapes. Icy blue skies were produced with soft pastels and snowflakes were printed using bubble wrap. These wintery landscapes enabled the children to add their own personal touches.

Well done everyone - what a fun and productive day!

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