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To the woods!

We spent a wonderful day in the glorious Fishpond Woods on Friday. What a treat!

Although it started windy and a bit chilly, by the afternoon the sun was casting beautiful shadows between the trees. There were endearing baby ducklings paddling about, bird song and a bunch of happy, relaxed children.

Being in such a unique, natural setting ensures that inspiration is around every corner. Using a range of greens and earth colour paints, the children had a ball splatter painting a big sheet of cotton suspended between two trees. Once dry, the sheet was cut up and the children had to source a stick from the woods to fasten the fabric to. Details were added to the wall hangings by including wooden threaded beads, pine cones and origami birds.

Dr Brambleby, who owns Fishpond Woods, pointed out a mother black bird sitting on her eggs in a nest under the eaves of the study barn. There were also baby blue tits chirping in a bird box.

We encouraged the children to dig up some mud to make paint and smear assorted flowers onto sheets of squared and narrow rectangular paper. This paper was then folded to make different origami birds. Some of the children chose to add them to their wall hanging.

Nettles were stewed for several days to create a pale green ink. Plants were gathered and laid out into pleasing compositions. Along with the nettle ink, the plants were used as stencils to create delicate prints. As the ink dried it became darker.

What could be better than standing outside in the sunshine, chatting to friends and investigating clay! Clay was moulded into little birds and the clay tools were used to add texture to their bodies. One child discovered that a garlic press is fantastic at creating strands that look like the twigs birds use to make a nest. Perfect!

We hope to run more creative woodland sessions during the summer holidays. Details will be sent out once we are able to confirm dates.

Thanks everyone for a lovely day and look forward to next time!

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