Super Sculpture!

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Over the last couple of months, we have noticed a real development in the children's 3D skills. As their fine motor skills improve, so does their confidence, which is wonderful! The range of sculptures that are appearing from nowhere, is remarkable.

We are all different and some of us prefer to 'follow a recipe' in order to create an object, while others prefer to follow their own creative instincts. Each approach is fine and we always cater for both.

Clay Work

Whether we are in the studio or the woods, clay is always available. With a name like ours, how could we not!

The older children had the option of learning how to make armatures. They came to understand that an armature is like a skeleton that provides support. An armature can be made from wire and also wood. Using a mannequin provided help with the correct proportions of making a wire figure. The children came to understand that our arms and hands stop at our mid thighs; that our feet are approximately the same length as our forearms; that a head fits into a torso approximately twice; that our outstretched arms are equal to the height of our bodies. Once complete, clay was moulded around the metal structure and the figure attached to a plinth.

Form was explored by moulding clay into a favourite animal. The difference between a matt and gloss finish and the changes a coat of varnish makes was also discovered. Slide along the images below to see the differences.

Texture was applied using a variety of tools and loose parts. In one case, the process was more important than the end result as the experiment ended up in the bin!