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Perfect Pumpkins!

Having picked pumpkins from the local fields, we thought it would be a great idea to use them as inspiration for our half term holiday workshop. The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has been intrigued by the shape, colour and texture of pumpkins since she was a teenager. Dots have also remained a constant in her work. Click on Tate Kids to find out more about Kusama's work Who is Yayoi Kusama? | Tate Kids

Using thick acrylic paint, pressed leaves and flowers, the children decorated pumpkins ....

A wide variety of different shaped clay pumpkins also appeared ... even some with witches' hats!

Pattern, dots and bright colours are repeated characteristics found in Kusama's work. Using bubble wrap, cotton buds and paint to create dotty backgrounds, the children created their own interpretations. Slide along the images to see more ...

Wax resist was used to create these delicate observational paintings. Once dry, they were cut out, fastened to a black background and extra detail added ...

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