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Our Home Ed children have returned - hurray!

We are really delighted to have been able to start up our Home Ed classes again. We have missed running the sessions a great deal. They are always calm, friendly and very productive.

As the evenings are now drawing in we have been basing some of our activities on light and dark. The children learnt how to colour mix using the correct equipment and materials. Using a mixing palette to mix a primary colour with a dash of white ensured lighter shades were created. The class also learned how to clean and dry their brushes correctly to avoid ending up with a muddy puddle!

In contrast to the more formal painting activity, our creative team had loads of fun making random marks with a range of drawing materials. These included pencils, soft pastels, charcoal and black markers. Some of the equipment was attached to sticks to allow looser mark making. Grinding charcoal in a pestle and mortar created an 'ink' that was applied with cotton buds. The children were challenged to work out which marks stood out and which faded into the background. The thick black lines and dots looked closer while the lighter curved marks looked further away.

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