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Nuts and Seeds

Continuing with the theme of Autumn, we have been using nuts and seeds to create some unusual and exciting pieces of art.

We gathered acorns, which were crushed and boiled to make ink. To make the ink darker an iron mordant was added. The mordant was made by soaking nails in vinegar until they became rusty. This rusty liquid added depth and contrast to the lighter ink. Finally, honey was added as a binder. On completion, the children experimented drawing and writing with the ink and also had a pot to take home.

Colour mixing was encouraged by providing warm and cool primary colours. The children experimented mixing the paint together until they created similar tones to the acorns, conkers and chestnuts. The paint was sprinkled onto paper and the nuts rolled over and through it. The most beautiful colours and textures were created.

The children created paper stencils which they laid on top of a sheet of cartridge paper. Acorn ink was sprayed onto the paper to create a range of autumnal landscapes. Details were added by using coloured felt pens. To bring the range of techniques together, the stencil paintings were mounted onto the nut paintings. Click on the arrow below to view the children's different interpretations.

These delightful hedgehogs were molded out of clay and beech nuts used for the prickles. Each have their own charm and character!

Thanks to the cheese shop in Harrogate, who kindly supplied wax paper and wooden cheese box bases, the children created these decorative lanterns. After thinking about design and layout, the children fastened and positioned the leaves between two layers of wax sheets; these were then glued together with a warm iron. The wooden bases were decorated with more foliage. Finally, a jam jar was inserted inside the lantern, with a tea light popped inside. Once lit, a warm and friendly glow highlighted the beautiful colours and shapes of the different leaves.

The great thing about teaching is that you often learn as much as the children. We have thoroughly enjoyed this project and hope the children did to!

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