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Negative Space

We have recently completed a big project on how negative space is used in art.

The Yorkshire artist, Barbara Hepworth, believed that negative space, or as one of the children described it 'space left behind', was as important as the actual piece of art.

Hepworth investigated negative space in both 2D and 3D formats.

The following are the children's 2D ideas

Hepworth was strongly influenced by the Yorkshire landscape, with it's rolling hills, rock formations and views. She added holes to her sculptures to invite the audience to enjoy the views beyond her work. Below, are the children's 3D sculptures inspired by Hepworth's work.

'Other worldly' prints were created using sheets of Styrofoam, printing inks and chalk pastels

The idea of negative space is quite an adult concept for young children to understand, but by breaking down the idea into simple activities enabled our children to grasp it. We were delighted by the results - well done!

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