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More Bags of Creative Fun!

We have been really delighted by the interest and uptake of our Bags of Creativity. Thank you to everyone who has purchased them!

Each bag is themed. We have devised a bag inspired by Kinetic Art, Cubist Sculpture, African Jewellery and a bag full of wonderful assorted textiles for a pompom party!

Slide along the photographs to get inspired!

Included in a bag are a range of materials, which will enable children to create several pieces of art. Their fine motor skills will be enhanced, their language developed and concentration improved. Also included are instructions and an information sheet. Questions will help stretch the children's understanding and appreciation of different art forms as well providing them with an opportunity to explore their own individual creativity.

Our next bag is inspired by Chinese New Year. Celebrations take place on February 12th and this year is the Year of the Ox. Perhaps make a clay ox, a beautiful Chinese fan or an eye catching Chinese lantern. Whatever it may be and if you would like, please send us photos of your wonderful creations that we can share.

Bags are £10 each and can be ordered in the Bags of Creativity section

Thank you and have fun!

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