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Great Big Green Week!

To support The Great Big Green Week we spent one Saturday afternoon exploring the colour green. As usual a range of creative activities were organised through which the children learned about colour, shape, line and form.

The Number 6 Studio is very well equipped with a range of printing equipment and materials, which is made available to all those who rent the space.

We thought it would be exciting to get the children to use the large printing press in the studio to explore the printing process. Assorted leaves were provided and the thicker and waxier the leaf, the better the outcome. The children loved learning about the printing process: of painting the leaves, sandwiching them between layers of paper and heavy blankets, of turning the enormous handle on the printing press and then finally discovering what their print looked like, never fully knowing the results - magic!

We provided blue, yellow and white ready mixed paint for the class to experiment mixing green. The children randomly folded a piece of paper up to 5 times. Doing so, created folded 'boundaries' in which different shades of green could be painted. This activity is also very helpful at introducing the concept of abstract art.

The Great Big Green Week's logo is a green heart, so of course we had to make a green heart! A heart shaped template was drawn around onto brown paper. The paper was coloured using assorted green, yellow and blue oil pastels and watercolours. A hole punch was used to create holes, through which the children practiced their sewing skills. The paper hearts were stuffed with newspaper to create a 3D heart.

Rolling out clay slabs is hard work but well worth the effort as a slab can be used for a wide range of creative activities. In this session, slabs were used to make clay leaves. Shape, line and colour were explored by drawing around a leaf, cutting it out, adding veins and a midrib and then painting them green.

We are running a Saturday afternoon session this coming weekend (13th July) and would be delighted if your child would come and join us. There will be lots of time to experiment with a range of materials and processes. Looking forward to seeing you then!

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