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Candle making and clay candle holders

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Our Home Educated group had a really lovely session making clay candle holders and beeswax candles.

Making the candle holders was a lengthy process and at times quite challenging. The children showed great perseverance and really enhanced their skills.

Using clay guides, they began by rolling out the clay into even slabs. The slabs were used to construct the base and walls of the candle holders. Using a range of equipment, detail and texture were was added.

The process of making scented beeswax candles was really exciting!

Melting natural beeswax in a basin of hot water, learning how to insert a wick and adding scent provided huge interest. By adding the candle to their handmade candle holders made the whole process more meaningful.

What a fabulous way to learn about the natural world - just wonderful!

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