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We have just spent the most fascinating day at Fishpond Woods learning about bones!

Lea Eyre from Forest and Feathers taught us about skulls and bones of different birds and animals found in the UK. Her knowledge and passion for what she does was so inspiring, she had all of us engrossed for over 2 hours!

Having spent the morning comparing woodcock, pheasant, mallard, oyster catcher, barn and tawny owl, cow, sheep, deer and squirrel skulls and bones, the children transferred their newly found knowledge into some wonderful art work. We also looked at the drawings and sculptures of Henry Moore, who was also intrigued by bones.

Mono prints based on a pheasant skull and molars from herbivores resulted in some striking images.

The children used porcelain clay to create sculptures of skulls and miniature cauldrons full of bones!

Shape, line and colour were explored using chalk pastels. The children experimented blending, mixing and smudging the pastels and they also discovered that you can draw with a rubber!

The children were challenged to sort and position the bones of a fox skeleton.

How cool is that!

At the end of her session, Lea showed us some beautiful craftwork that she had made using bones and animal skin, which she had tanned. These included a needle case, fish hooks, a leather purse and deer bones to be used in a necklace.

Lea explained how she collects, cleans and displays her collection and how she visits schools to educate young children about this fascinating subject. Visit her website to learn more about what she does.

Thank you Lea for your passion and inspiration - what a brilliant way to learn!

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