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Ben Nicholson

Ben Nicholson was an artist who spent part of his life living and working in St Ives, in Cornwall. He produced still life paintings and later in his career, abstract 2D and 3D art work.

Using his pictures as a starting point, the children created paper collages that included everyday objects. They came to understand the importance of shape, colour and line. They began by creating outline drawings of teapots, bottles and cups. They then transferred their knowledge onto sugar paper and cut out their drawings. Click on the arrow below to slide through examples of the children's work.

Using a range of muted coloured paper, they experimented with different compositions until they found a layout they liked.

Finally, their drawn objects were added to their background

Creating abstract reliefs inspired by Nicholson's structures, enhanced the children's appreciation of geometric shape and texture. Assorted clay was rolled into slabs, shapes cut out and fastened to the base and once dry, painted with earth colours. To present the reliefs, the children glued them onto a hessian covered board.

If you would like to find out more about Ben Nicholson then please visit the following website Who is Ben Nicholson? – Who Are They? | Tate Kids

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