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Beautiful Blue!

To celebrate the fabulous bluebells appearing in the local woods near the studio, we thought investigating the colour blue would be appropriate.

As usual we had a range of different art activities set up for the children to explore, all connected with the colour blue.

The children really enjoyed learning about a range of different blues such as cobalt, cerulean and indigo. We think they were quite surprised at how many different blues there are!

Soft pastels were available to create individual interpretations of a bluebell wood. Soft pastels are messy and need spraying with fixative to ensure motifs do not smudge. Cotton buds, sticks and acrylic paint were used to add the flowers.

Happa Zome is a form of Japanese printing whereby flowers and plants are printed onto fabric. Pansies are especially effective at creating pronounced prints as are forget-me-nots and soft leaves. The children placed the flowers and foliage onto a piece of natural fabric, placed a sheet of kitchen role over them and gently hammered the flowers until their sap was released onto the fabric.

We provided a range of blue loose parts to be used with clay. The children had the freedom to explore and create a relief however they wished - provided it included blue things!

We will be running a Woodland Creative Day in the magical Fishpond Wood, Bewerley on the 31st May and would be delighted to see you there. Please go to our booking page for more details.

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