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Beautiful Berries!

Autumn is such an inspirational time of year and our Saturday Art Clubbers have been investigating the beautiful berries found in our local hedgerow. Berries included haws, blackberries, elderberries, holly and cotoneaster. The work of Bridget Gillespie, a Yorkshire based botanical artist was used to put the children's learning into context.

To refine their understanding of colour, the children mixed warm and cool acrylic paint to create as accurate impression as possible.

In contrast to the formal colour mixing activity, berries were laid between sheets of paper and squashed! The children had plenty of fun discovering the natural dyes that oozed out of the flattened fruit. Once dry, the dyes were transformed into fun, abstract patterns.

Clay was provided for the children to explore their own ideas on how to represent berries in sculptural form. Assorted loose parts were also available and the outcomes were very varied.

Colouring pencils were used to produce these beautiful observational drawings ....

These stunning watercolour paintings were enhanced by adding handmade frames, which were painted and decorated with wool, felt pom poms and beads.

Finally, we looked at macro photographs of berries and encouraged the children to draw close up pastel drawings of their favourite fruit.

Autumnal colour and the importance of shape was explored further through printing leaves using the printing press. Acrylic paint was added to the surface of assorted leaves. These were placed on dampened paper, covered with a thick blanket and then put through the printing press. A simple and very effective process.

We were really delighted by the standard of the children's work. Their hardwork and enthusiasm paid off - very well done everyone!

We look forward to seeing you at our next set of lessons, inspired by nuts and seeds.

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