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Beautiful bees!

It was World Bee Day on May 13th. To help raise awareness of the essential role these very important creatures play in our lives, we got creative and spent the afternoon with a group of 6-7 year old's, who created some delightful work, full of character and charm.

Having a table of loose parts never fails to keep youngsters absorbed. The problem solving and creativity that comes from such open ended activities never ceases to amaze us. Just look at the range of ideas!

Using wooden hexagonal templates enabled the children to draw accurate cells. They learned how to fold paper to make multiple cutouts, which they decorated with printed dotty patterns. A range of different drawing materials were experimented with, which included chalk pastels, wax resist and felt pens. The children used their favourite medium to draw their bees. They then thought about how to create an eye catching composition.

As usual, clay was provided and these hexagonal candle holders were constructed from slabs of rolled out clay. Texture was added by using lace, the end of dried poppy seed heads, and hexagonal cutters. The walls of the candle holders were pierced to allow candle light to shine through.

The children also had the opportunity to make their own bees wax candles, which they inserted into their candle holders.

We had a wonderful afternoon, well done everyone!

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