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Autumn Art Workshops

The children spent 2.5 highly productive hours creating the most stunning work inspired by the Autumn and natural materials

Earth paint was made from ground up rocks that included indigo from Morocco and stones from the NE coast of England. Charcoal was sourced from Wildale Forest School in Nidd Valley

Elderberries, bilberries and blackberries were used to make inks to create stunning ghostly stencils. Berries were sourced from Brimham Moor, frozen, crushed and squeezed through muslin.

Some people believe that trees have spirits. The knots and textures on bark can sometimes look like faces. Clay, natural and manmade materials were used to create characterful tree spirit faces.

Happa Zome is a form of Japanese leaf printing. Autumn leaves and berries were placed under a piece of cotton. A hammer was used to break down the leaf to release it's sap. The sap slowly stained the fabric, creating the most beautiful colours, shapes and textures. Twigs and garden twine were added to create a wall hanging.

The children left energised having learned how paint was produced thousands of years ago, how food can be used in art and that printing doesn't require lots of gadgets or computers. A breath of fresh air!

Our next weekend workshop takes place on Saturday 12th December. We will also be running some festive sessions throughout December. Please check dates on the booking page. Looking forward to seeing everyone again very soon!

Keep safe

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