The contents of this bag will enable your child to have fun learning about the fascinating world of Optical Art, in the context of Fairtrade Fortnight 2021; the theme of which is to 'Share your vision of the world you want.'


In the same way that we raise the importance of looking after our planet in our art classes, we are keen to connect with this annual event in order to bring a similar message into our Bags of Creativity.


This year Fairtrade Fortnight starts on Monday 22nd February. Your child could use the information and materials in their Bag of Creativity independently of the event, or they will find that they have many of the resources they need in order to take part in some of the online activities organised by the Fairtrade Foundation too - including the international Youth Art Exhibition and Fairtrade Yorkshire's Community Arts Festival.


The Fairtrade Fun Bag of Creativity will enable your child to discover and play with optical illusions, including the Fairtrade logo, by using examples from a number of well known optical artists.


They can then explore the theme further by creating their own 2D illusions on the canvas provided using collage and/or the marker pen, paint and recyclable objects from their home. In order to work in 3D, clay and wire will be included in the resources and this week all the materials will arrive in a cardboard box so that this too can be used creatively!


As in our classes, we intend that the activity be open to interpretation too, so the materials could be used however your child/ren would like - let them enjoy the process and celebrate their creativity!


Each box contains an information sheet (including recommended links to the national Fairtrade Fortnight online activities), simple instructions with tips and ideas for what to make, a round white canvas, assorted tissue papers, a black marker pen, black paint, black card, clay, wire, a wooden paintbrush and a small pot of premium PVA glue.


The children will need to have their own pair of scissors.


*Please note that these bags will be delivered on Sunday 21st February in order to coincide with the start of Fairtrade Fortnight. 


*We will be donating £1 for every bag sold to the Fairtrade Foundation to support their work.


*Please note that we do not recommend this bag for children under the age of 5 due to the small parts included.

Fairtrade Fun

  • If you live in the Harrogate or Nidderdale area, we will deliver your Bag of Creativity to you. Our delivery day is Friday and we will contact you to agree a suitable time with you. Please select Local Delivery at checkout.