The contents of this bag will enable your child to spend time creating 3 cheery festive decorations. A string of birds, a tree decoration and an miniature ‘alternative’ Christmas tree!


Each bag contains ideas and instructions about  how to make the decorations.


As in all our classes, we intend that the activity be open to interpretation. So, the materials could be used however your child/ren would like - let them enjoy the process and celebrate their creativity!


Each bag will contain the following items: simple instructions, a small bag of white clay, assorted patterned paper, cardboard, a bird template, ribbon, dried orange slices, sprigs of conifer, birch twigs, gold, silver and white paint, Marvin Medium glue, assorted beads, rings and sequins, ribbon, wool and wire


The children will need to have their own scissors, a pencil, a thin black felt pen and a thin paint brush.


*Please note that we do not recommend this bag for children under 5 years of age due to the small parts included.



Festive Fun!