May's Bag of Creativity is inspired by Aboriginal Art. Aborigines are the indigineous people of Australia and have been creating art for thousands of years. As there is no formal, written language, Aboriginals use the arts to educate society about their beliefs, personal journies and stories and the natural environment. Each Aboriginal tribe has it's own creative process that might include symbols, dots or cross hatching. Earth colours such as ocre, brown and orange represent the earth, while blue symbolises the ocean. Natural materials such as bark, grass and clay are used to create fascinating pieces of art. 


The bag will contain an information sheet, instructions for making assorted artefacts inspired by Aboriginal art, 1 bag of stoneware (grey) clay, 1 bag of earthenware (terracotta) clay, 1 bag of bark chippings, 1 wooden disc, 3 pieces of wooden dowel, a cardboard tube, string, a paint strip, brown paper and cotton buds.