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Spring Colours

It's springtime again - hurray!

Using the season to explore colour and colour mixing resulted in some lovely artwork by our younger students.

Forsythia is in bloom and adding a splash of sunshine to our walks. Chalk pastels were used to suggest a beautiful blue sky. The dusty background was sprayed with fixative and then acrylic paint was applied with cotton buds and sticks to add the forsythia tree.

Happa Zome is a form of Japanese printing. Spring flowers were placed beneath a sheet of cotton fabric. The children used a small hammer to tap gently over the flowers. Doing so released the sap from the flowers, which in turn stained the fabric. Extra detail was added using coloured fabric felt pens. Once completed the pieces of cotton were used to make bunting.

Using real spring flowers and photographs, the children practiced their colour mixing skills. Acrylic paint was provided to explore the primary and secondary colours. White was added to make more pastel shades. We left the children to create their own interpretation of springtime.

White clay provides a great base to apply marbled effects too. Using a range of clay equipment, flowers were cut out, had pattern added to the surface and holes added. Ideally, the clay should be allowed to dry before applying a layer of marbling ink. Thread and beads were added to create pretty hanging decorations.

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