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Specialist Ceramics Classes

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

With a name such as 'Clay Paper Scissors', it only seemed right that we organised some specialist ceramics classes.

We worked with the local ceramicist Fiona Mazza, who has a studio on the same site as the Number 6 studio. To reinforce the children's understanding of what a ceramicist does, Fiona very kindly agreed to have the children visit her in her studio. She showed the children her kilns and potters wheel and explained the processes of glazing and firing.

During the first session, the children learned how to build a mug/cup/plate out of a slab of clay. Using a variety of textured equipment, pattern and detail were incorporated. Their creations were then biscuit fired to dry the clay out completely. Photos were taken and photocopies printed.

During the second session, the children had the opportunity to decide which colours they would like to add to their objects. They used watercolours to 'colour in' the photocopies.

Finally, appropriate colour was added using professional underglazes.

This was a very popular workshop and one we hope to repeat in the future.

A big thank you to Fiona!

If you would like to see Fiona Mazza's work then please visit her website at

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